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Chapter3 Update

Beyond the Border

Wayfarer Travel

Chapter2 Update

The Rise of Sovereignty,

Castle Siege

Class Update

From the shadows comes
a deadly assassin


From my battle to our war



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2021 2022
Fog of War

"Rain of Arrows shall blot out the Sun"

A force that will turn the tide of war. New class and class change system.


From the shadows comes a deadly assassin, 'Arbalist'.
Rain of arrows pierce through the air.

Fog of War

"Rain of Arrows shall blot out the Sun"

A force that will turn the tide of war. New class and class change system.

Class Change

A new story unfolds.
Freely switch between five classes.

Fog of War

"Rain of Arrows shall blot out the Sun"

A force that will turn the tide of war. New class and class change system.

Chapter 1. Fog of War
November 2nd Arbalist
Class Change
Solitude Training
Special Boss - Crimson Emperor Utukan
DSP (DRACO Staking Program)
Castle Siege

"The Rise of Sovereignty"

Those who rule over Bicheon will gain absolute power.

Bicheon Castle Siege

Clan war for the right to the throne.
One clan will rightfully claim wealth and power of Bicheon Castle.

Castle Siege

"The Rise of Sovereignty"

Those who rule over Bicheon will gain absolute power.

Chapter 2. Castle Siege
November 16th Siege Eve
Bicheon Castle Siege (1st start 11/28)
Spirit Treasure/Magic Stone Transcendence

"Beyond the Border"

History of MIR began with expeditions.
It's time to remove the boundaries set between servers.

Wayfarer Travel

Land of MIR will face a new era with the introduction of Wayfarer travel.
Travel between servers with the Wayfarer's Pass.


"Beyond the Border"

History of MIR began with expeditions.
It's time to remove the boundaries set between servers.

Chapter 3. Expedition
November 30th Wayfarer Travel
Spirit - Leocrat Khun(Epic) / Bloodtip Drago(Legendary)
December 14th New Region 'Phantasia' Update
Maximum level increase (130 Lv)
Raid - Crimson Dragon Nest
Boss Raid - Forsaken King
Clan Expedition - Blue Thunder Dragon
December 21st MIR4 NFT
New World

"Bigger Stage, a new era"

Year 2022, a new era for our Dragonians

Expedition, Black Flame Arch Demon Nerkan

4 hours of fierce battle through cross-server Expedition.
Defeat Black Flame Pegasus Nerkan and obtain legendary loot boxes.

New World

"Bigger Stage, a new era"

Year 2022, a new era for our Dragonians

Sabuk Castle Siege

4 Bicheon Kingdoms collide in the battle for the Sabuk Castle's throne.
Fight to become Emperor of the 4 kingdoms.

New World

"Bigger Stage, a new era"

Year 2022, a new era for our Dragonians

Chapter 4. New World
February 15th Maximum level increase (150 Lv)
New Region 'Rockcut Tomb' Update
Magic Square, Secret Peak 7F
2 New equipment slots

Play Anytime,

MIR4 can be played across different platforms.
Cross-play while at home or on the go.

System Requirements

PC Mobile
System Window AOS iOS
Division Minimum Specifications Recommended System Requirements Minimum Specifications
CPU intel® core™ i5-5200U
intel® core™ i5-6200U
Samsung Galaxy S7 or
higher (snap dragon 820,
Exynos 8890 or higher)
iPhone 7 or newer
Memory 4GB 16GB 4GB
Graphic Nvidia GTX 650 / AMD Radeon 530 Nvidia GTX 950 / AMD Radeon 560 -
Operating System Windows 8.1 / 64-bit operating system Windows 10 / 64-bit operating system AOS 6.0 or above iOS 13 or above
DirectX DirectX 11 -
Free Storage 10GB -


  1. 01

    Download the PC installation file.

  2. 02

    Execute the downloaded file.

  3. 03

    Once you've completed installation,
    double-click MIR4 PC
    Launcher to run it.


01Oriental Movement

From the slightest movement of your fingertips to the intricate air stride, experience the beauty and elegance of the Orient.


02Free Loot

Introducting MIR4's unique Free Loot System.
30 seconds, the time required for warriors to claim treasure chests.


03Fraud Detection System

Preserves values of items traded through the exchange market by preventing abnormal trades.



Summoned spirts will stand by your side as companions and supporters through all of your adventures in MIR4



From my battle to our war. A world beyond that can only truly be experienced together


06Hidden Valley Capture

Hidden Valley, the core of MIR4's economy. Monopoly through control or mutual gain through coexistence. Which path will your clan choose?


07Bicheon Castle Siege

The end of a long lasting expedition to become the ruler of the land of MIR.


08Exploration loot of the MIR Continent

As you gain experience through adventure, the best tools will become yours. MIR4 won't let your time and efforts go unnoticed




A strong fighter who pulverizes enemies by wielding a heavy greatsword.

Armed with sturdy armor and an unyielding will, this fighter always leads others in battle.

UltimateDragon Flame
A Warrior's Ultimate that creates Chi Fire with qigong of extreme yang, infuses it into a sword, and discharges it out all at once, burning the area to the ground.
Void Slash
A sword skill that sends a linear Sword Force wave by slashing the sword very quickly as if to cut through space.
Splitting Slash
A simple move that swings a weapon widely. However, its overwhelming power and energy neutralize all skills and tricks of enemies and destroy everything in its way.
Body Check
Combining the melee sparring skill of a Mountainous Charge with the powerful physical skill and armor weight of a Warrior, it can inflict a shock comparable to being hit by a giant boulder.
Ground Smash
Jumping into the air and smashing down on a target point deals devastating damage like an earthquake.
Gale Slash
If swung wildly, the sword turns faster and faster, and an unstoppable storm of Sword Force rages in the area.
Lion's Roar
A roar unleashed by concentrating chi drawn from deep within you, which becomes a weapon powerful enough to shake heaven and earth.
A skill that enables a perfect defense stance when blocking all enemy attacks, and looks for a chance to tip the scales with a single slash of the sword.
Iron Shackle
A wondrous binding skill that throws a chain around several nearby enemies and pulls them all toward you.
Crescent Strike
A sword skill that enables you to become one with the Sword Force and break through the enemy line by swinging a sword horizontally, creating a Sword Force in a big crescent shape.
A prohibited skill that instantly reverses the flow of the chi loci to forcefully blast open one's full potential.
Barbaric Charge
A brave Warrior's skill that enables you to charge at the center of the enemy camp and throw chains in all directions to pull and knockdown enemies.
Unbreakable Stance
A self-defense skill that creates a spiral whirlpool around the body to protect against threats.

Wielder of magic that destroys enemies with the power of the elements.

Although very strong when fighting alone, she becomes far stronger when protected by allies.

UltimateDragon Tornado
One of the Sorcerer's Ultimate that summons and fires forth a twister that is said to be the manifestation of the whirlwind that appears when a dragon ascends.
Flame Orb
A spell that condenses the energy of fire into a small sphere and blasts it at an enemy. If the sphere hits, it causes a massive explosion.
Frost Orb
A spell that fires a mass of cold that chills to the bone, slowing the enemy's movement.
Dark Vortex
A spell that warps space to open a wind path to another space, creating a raging vortex that is impossible to escape.
Strikes an enemy several times with thunderbolts by drawing on the power of the ancient mythical Dragon God that is known to have defeated enemies with lightning bolts.
Magic Shield
A spell that creates a shield that absorbs all attacks to protect the caster. However, it costs a lot of MP.
An ultimate ice spell that summons a fierce snowstorm from the polar region to freeze all beings.
Chain Lightning
A spell that draws out the energy of Lightning from the palm and fires it at a target. It also electrocutes enemies near the target one by one.
Flame Strike
A fire spell that creates a heat storm by expanding air in a flash, knocking away nearby enemies.
Soul Devour
A spell that explodes the energy of darkness, dealing damage to the soul. Although an evil, heathen skill, its effect is hard to argue with.
A powerful fire spell that shoots fire taken from the burning river of hell and burns the enemies in front, one by one.
Phoenix Embrace
Causes Energy that maximizes the power of spells to cascade out by receiving the benediction of the Vermilion Bird, the divine guardian and symbol of Sorcerer.
Frozen Block
Covers the whole body with cold to protect against all attacks and freezes enemies that pound on the ice shield.

A truth seeker who helps others with her swordsmanship and spells.

Her divine recovery skill enables her to overcome any difficulties in her path.

UltimateRay of Light
If you focus the divine energy on your fingertips and stretch out your hands, the energy forms a spear of light that penetrates all enemies in your path.
Moonlight Wave
A taoist palm skill that strikes enemies with waves of yin energy, like the moonlight pouring down on the ground.
Sunbeam Sword
A wondrous sword skill that infuses Spell Power into a sword, making it shine as bright as the sun to mesmerize the enemy and attack their vital spot.
Moonlight Orb
A moonlight bead created by a taoist that holds enemies like the pull of a full moon on the ocean, and pulverizes them.
Rain of Blades
A sword skill that attacks enemies by pouring forth phantoms made of Sword Force. These phantoms are as destructive as the sword itself.
A magic spell that heals wounds with divine light energy. It heals both the caster and nearby allies.
Piercing Blades
An advanced sword skill that creates a great number of sharp arrows made of Sword Force and fires them forward.
Guardian Circle
A magic spell that summons Earth Energy to protect allies from PHYS DMG and enhance the caster's physical ability.
Tai Chi
A Taoist's fist skill that creates a vacuum by circulating Taiji and sucks nearby enemies into it to pulverize them.
Blasting Charm
A thin talisman sheet thrown by a Taoist can cause an explosion strong enough to split a rock once it attaches to an enemy.
Soaring Slash
A sword skill that continuously throws sharp disks made of Sword Force. The Sword Force penetrates into the enemy's body and destroys them from the inside.
Expulsion Circle
Sharply increases your ability to resist spells and gives you the courage to fight wicked beings.
Greater Heal
This ultimate heal instantly cures all wounds by consuming all focus. If this skill is improved to a certain level, it can even revive the dead.

A tyrant on the battlefield who suppresses enemies with his long spear.

Armed with a variety of skills that attack and defend simultaneously, he breaks the enemy formation and kills his target at all costs.

UltimateDragon Spear
A Lancer's Ultimate that fires extremely strong chi, crushing and piercing everything in front with a force that nearly defies the laws of nature.
Ravaging Blow
An irregular spear skill that surprises the enemy by attacking with the pole of the spear, and not its blade. It deals a quick, accurate strike, destroying the enemy's Inner Force Loci.
Crescent Blade
Strikes enemies in front with a series of strong and vigorous swipes, knocking down everyone in the way.
Nirvana Kick
A Lancer's kick skill that repeats a sequence of rushing a short distance, cutting down an enemy, and moving back.
Double Strike
A skill that strikes the ground and shakes the earth, dealing a critical hit to enemies who lose their balance and fail to evade it.
Sweeping Storm
A spear skill that whirls a spear like a storm, sweeping up enemies like fallen leaves, and then pulverizing them.
Dragon Tail
Inspired by the motion of a dragon swinging its tail, this skill maximizes rotation force, dealing great damage.
Dragon Soar
A spear skill that reproduces the image of a dragon ascending from the ocean and erupting lightning. It destroys a certain area in front with multiple Sword Force hits.
Overlord Strike
An overlord's strike of a strong force created by spinning in the air and striking down, smashing everything to bits.
Wind Wall
Twirls a spear, creating a wall of wind to block attacks. If upgraded to its ultimate level, it can also create a shield of wind.
Piercing Spear
A throwing skill that focuses powerful energy on the tip of a spear and fires it away. The skill was invented to track down giant monsters and pierce through their hearts.
A qigong skill that uses only the key features of Life Leech, which has severe side effects. It has the wondrous effect of draining health from enemies.
Blitz Strike
Rushes a distant enemy in a flash, pierces them with a spear, and hurls them away behind the caster by using the spear's elasticity.

A huntsman who shoots down enemies, using an arbalest enhanced for quick firing.

Freely switches between tracking and escape and rains down a deadly shower of arrows.

UltimateArrow Rain
The enemy's field of view is filled with a rain of an uncountable amount of arrows, removing their will to fight.
Quick Shot
Successively teleports enemies in the area, cuts them down, and then returns them to their original locations. Strikes one target up to 2 times.
Illusion Arrow
Instantly moves 8m toward the enemy, dealing a Piercing ATK.
Burst Shell
Instantly moves 8m toward the enemy, dealing a Piercing ATK.
Venom Mist Shell
Enemies that breathe in the poisonous fog will be destroyed from the inside out. Their healing skill becomes critically damaged.
Ice Cage
Enemies are bound with a cold chain along with Severe Cold to prevent them from running away from the Arbalist.
Painstrike Gale
Rushes suddenly, deals a kick attack, and maintains a favorable range to shoot from.
Flash Arrow
A shooting technique to temporarily block the enemy's line of sight and prevent them from preparing a follow-up attack.
Heavenly Bow
When a rain of arrows summoned from the heavens hits your enemies, they have no choice but to perish.
Obliterate Shell
The condensed chi arrows uses an unbelievable power to destroy even the area upon which it falls.
Seeking Bolt
Shoots arrows that track the enemy's soul from a remarkably far distance. These arrows never miss their target.
Mind's Eye
Instead of physical eyes, it searches for targets with the mind's eye. It assesses their weaknesses and fires a critical hit.
Loses enemies with tricks. Moves secretly and attacks suddenly.



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DRACO is Power!
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DRACO Staking Program



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mir4 nftMIR4 NFT


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There are four different branches which makes up the cycle of life in MIR4.
All of them efficiently supporting the growth of your character.
The cycle allows for character growth and economic gain simultaneously.


Obtain EXP and valuable crafting materials by defeating monsters


Gathering of herbs and plants will provide materials required to increase Constitution ranks


Mine various ore and craft/enhance equipments


Draw the earth's energy to increase Inner Force and Skill ranks


Play Video Bicheon Castle Siege
v The Legend Rising
v A song of Legend
v Two Dragons